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We enjoy putting the 'FUN Da Mental' back into youth basketball

About My Program.......

Basic Steps is a youth basketball program founded in 2021 by Christopher (CT) Thompson. The program's purpose is to provide fun environments and experiences that will help teach skills and create good habits to compete at the "their" next level. We celebrate our progress more than the wins; defensive stops more than the made shots. Growing a passion for the game will allow a natural growth in effort, hustle, dedication, and skills. Placing these expectations onto a player before they develop a love for the game will result in their resentment. Basic Steps is "Fun-da-mental," or keep the program mentality fun while allowing players to experience this game with confidence and fulfillment.

Teenage boy holding a basketball on the court

Every Player Learns.....

What it takes to take their game to the next level, regardless of the current level they started the program. Basic Steps will teach players the importance of the fundamentals and concepts of offense and defense while allowing them to enjoy the game. Players will learn how to shoot, handle the ball, and pass. We also cover IQ, teamwork, defense, and many other aspects of basketball. These concepts and practice habits will also help in everyday life. Self-accountability, giving and receiving criticism and advice, and most importantly, growing and maintaining a love for the game. Our program believes that a good understanding of these areas will allow growth in the skills required to compete.


is a mind game filled with hustle, effort, and preparation. We firmly believe you can be great at defense without great talent. Hustle and effort are the only required skills to learn the program's concepts. Basic Steps will prepare your mind and body to be an effective and controlled defender.

One vs one basketball game training at the court. Cinematic look image of friends practicing shots and slam dunks in an urban area
Portrait of an African-American Black Boy shooting the ball into the basket. Dressed in an orange shirt.


is simple in the Basic Steps Program. You are allowed to shoot any shot you practice every day. The game is not time to attempt a new move or shot for the first time; practice is. Being an effective shooter requires confidence and repetitive technique. Basic Steps will teach both.

Ball Handling

Being able to move and control the basketball is an essential skill. Handling the ball is all about repetition, hand-eye coordination, and footwork. Our program focuses on providing a variety of moves and dribbling that will be most effective in different situations.

Focused cute boy athlete leads the ball in a game of basketball. A boy plays basketball after school. Sports, healthy lifestyle, leisure

Love for the Game

Players are put in controlled environments and drills that will help prepare them to handle different in-game situations confidently. Basketball is LOVE

Young basketball player standing on the court wearing a yellow sleeveless

Package Pricing

We have several packages available. there are discounts with quantity. Same great service.

(4) Basic Steps 1 on 1 Sessions
$60 per Session non bulk price
gym rental separate
$200(4) 1 hour Sessions
Basic Steps Team Player
350.00per 8 Game Season

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